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Classic lattes, cappuccinos, batch drip brew, espresso, cortados, Americanos, mocha, matcha lattes. 
Iced lattes, iced matcha, lemonade, iced tea, cold brew, iced coffee, iced mocha.

Dean drink specials

Favorite. drinks.

Lori's Vietnamese Iced Coffee 

Iced Oat Matcha with Raspberry or Lavender 

Honey Chai Oat Cortado 

Blood Orange Iced Tea 

The Matilda; organic Triborough iced coffee with vanilla & dash of milk 

Iced brown sugar oat latte with cinnamon & Aleppo pepper 

The Audrey iced oat latte with coconut, vanilla, umbrella

Iced 9 Spice Oat Chai - cold brewed for 2 days 

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