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We happily supply two hours of wifi per purchase, and if you bought a drink for a friend we'll get them a code

Wifi is free but requires a receipt code.  The single-device registration has improved wifi quality immensely and we're also able to send out specials & coupons easily to show weekly appreciation for our customes. 

We do not host outside food & drink; Please, don't bring in:
Takeout & beverages from other establishments or Tupperware meals.

Coffee & tea in your personal thermos.   


Cafes & restaurants sell food & drink to support the staff & space.  This business may be small but it is the livelihood of 15 people and a very large space; third spaces like this only exist through customer support. 


We are not here to police apples, bananas, oranges, birthday cakes you bring in for a friend and special items for children.  But anything else invites conversations.   

We all have different ideas about what is acceptable in public spaces; this is what works for us.  It's ok if it doesn't work for you.  There are many spots in town that can accommodate you.   Thank you for that; we love hosting you.  That's what we are here for. 

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