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We happily supply two hours of wifi per purchase, and if you bought a drink for a friend we'll get them a code!  

Wifi is free but requires a receipt code.  The single-device registration has improved wifi quality immensely and also allows us to send out coupons and specials to guests. The portal has been a huge win for our guests. 

We do not host outside food & drink; Please, don't bring in:
Takeout & beverages brought in from other establishments or meals in Tupperware.

Coffee & tea in your personal thermos.   Cafes & restaurants sell food & drink to support the staff & space.  This business may be small but it is the livelihood of 15 people - and we are here to serve! 


We are not here to police apples, bananas, oranges, birthday cakes you bring in for a friend and special items for children.  But anything that breaks the boundaries will result in a conversation.  Take it outside.  

We all have different ideas about what is acceptable in public spaces; this is what works for us.  It's ok if it doesn't work for you.  There are many spots in town that can accommodate you.   But this space is unique and those that belong here understand this and become contributors - thank you for that; we love hosting you.  That's what we are here for. 

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