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Dean: a coffee shop

established: August, 2020 - a pandemic splash

city: Santa Barbara proper via airport property; Goleta by geography

vibe: tranquil

Monday - Friday: 6 am - 3 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 7 am - 3 pm 

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Dean: a coffee shop is named after my grandfather on my dad's side.  He drank Folgers black, sneaked a Camel here and there, puttered endlessly in his workshop, and was just about the loveliest person you could ever meet.  He was a man who was extremely social but enjoyed spacious places. 


He created a summer getaway at Lake Babine off the coast of Victoria, Canada - only accessible by boat - and they built cabins too.  When Canada became too far of a drive he created another family outpost in Nelson, Nevada.  A small compound near the Colorado River, Nelson was a spot to see no others, fish, wander through a desert dotted with open mine shafts or simply head out on an adventure in The Scout, our family jeep.  Dean L. Shively, a principal, also had a school named after him - he was an inspiring dude.  I thought I'd give him a coffee shop as well. Grandpa knew how to get things accomplished; worthwhile things.  He also knew how to relax, putter, create & love unconditionally.  He also knew exactly where he wanted to do it - in light, airy, open spaces.  This place & this space are about that desire.

Dean's vision is to create a quiet oasis where you can quietly connect with a friend, hang out with your dog on the patio, or simply get a lot of work done all while enjoying an incredibly spacious, uncomplicated space. 


Our world is full of distracting images, overbearing sounds, and over-complicated everything.  Dean is a place where distractions are removed so you can focus on your favorite thing - a friend, a hot coffee, a project, a moment, a pet, a brief interaction with a former stranger.   

Coffee is a ritual - drink it in peace, with light, with space, with time, with a friend, with us, with yourself. 

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