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Our shifts run 5:45 - 11:30 & 11:00 - 4:30  & weekends begin at 6:30. 


Given that schedules are complex, consider if you are available for at least seven weekly shifts.  Broad availability helps us schedule for 4 shifts per week (this doesn't mean you'll be scheduled for seven - it just means you have that kind of availability).  Given the flexibility we offer for planned time off, illnesses, and everything else that life offers up, a flexible general availability is beneficial to everyone on the team. 

This form benefits from exact information: school schedules, holiday plans, spring break hopes.... it benefits from understanding our exact shifts as stated above - offering to begin work at 7 am is not helpful; nor is it workable to offer time up that ends prior to shift end.  Format your availability in terms of our shift parameters. We are happy to jiggle the 11-12 stopping/starting time to accommodate class schedules a bit.  Precision & attention to detail is important.

This form starts the ball rolling; please finish the process by emailing your resume to & we'll have you in for a bevvie & an interview.  Thank you! 

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