good morning...

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Peace, quiet, light, good espresso, friendly folks, easy food, breezy patio - that's who we are.  Please come join us any time you need to relax with friends or find quiet in your day.  

Named after my grandfather, I made Dean an ode to relaxed hospitality and added all of the elements that I always wanted in a coffee shop.  If we can bring his natural warmth and ease and blend it with uncomplicated modernity then I have achieved my goal of creating a space of peace and welcome on Hollister. 

We partnered with Victrola from Seattle to bring the best of the coffee world to our sweet oceanside city and we could not be happier with what we have to offer to our fellow coffee comrades.  

Located on the corner of Hollister & Frederick Lopez, Dean: a coffee shop is your answer to a beautiful morning. quick lunch or lazy afternoon. 

Victrola coffee roasters from Seattle...

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