The Toast Bar

Avocado Toast

Avocadoes with salt, lemon & olive oil on D'Angelo's toasted sourdough; topped with seasoned pepitas, microgreens & cherry tomatoes (vegan). 

Date with a Goat Toast

Creamy & mild Laura Chenel goat cheese, toasted walnuts, dates, arugula, a drizzle of honey & a sprinkle of aleppo pepper.  D'lish. 

Smash Bean Toast

Smashed white beans with lemon, olive oil, salt & za'atar on D'Angelo's toasted sourdough with wild baby arugula (vegan).

Salami & Gruyere on French Rye

Italian salami, French Gruyere, wild baby arugula & a drizzle of Grain Dijon Mayo on D'Angelo's toasted French Siegle Rye.  

Caprese Baguette Toast

Fresh whole milk mozzarella, juicy Romas, a drizzle of olive oil & balsamic glaze & fresh basil on a toasted baguette.  

The Grab & Go

The grab & go is freshly stocked each day. Sometimes we whip up some sandwiches to include, but here are a few things that we routinely stock:


Wild Baby Arugula Salad - 11

Wild baby arugula, farro, seasoned white beans, parmesan & our homemade sherry shallot vinaigrette team up to create a most savory salad balanced with just the right hint of sweetness. 


Dean's Egg Salad - 4

Freshly made egg salad with Dijon & cornichons over wild baby arugula.  A little treat - perfect for a plain piece of toast. 


Dean's Biscotti Berry Yogurt Parfait - 5 

Layers of crushed biscotti, honey-sweet yogurt & fresh berries make this the best breakfast parfait we've ever had.


Tiny Tiramisus - 3.25

Small individual tiramisu cups; the perfect two o'clock treat.